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What ever your talent is Skateboarding, Snowboarding, BMX, ect.. Create Your Own Luck.

Ok now that Xcess Industries is starting to get more and more views every month I decided to get some buisness cards. Thank’s for looking me up tell your friends and like me on facebook.


Wow! Its been awhile since I have posted mostly because summer was busy…ya I’m young so summer is my excuse. I spent it skating, surfing, going to a wake board contest and being thrown in to the pool, and trying to make money since I’m to young to work I did see this pic and thought it was calling my name….

I am looking forward to the ASCC Kingman double points race coming up on June 9th, at my last race I placed 2nd place which bumped up my points to first place….I am first in championship points right now! With the support of my family and team I think the last half of this season is going to be awesome!